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Pull This Trigger

February 3, 2010

Conveniently, a handful of my friends and acquaintances also double as gifted musicians, so any casual conversations with them also typically transition into mock interviews about music, lyrics, the writing process, and life in general. Coincidentally, the vocalist/guitarist/mastermind behind Nashville triumvirate Trigger Man also happens to be a good friend of mine. Hunter Bridges, along with fellow Belmont University students Tommy Peskorz and Alan Pfeifer, collectively form this shred-your-eardrums power group. A “jack of all trades” band in terms of their sound, Trigger Man is characterized by a wide range of influences, including (but certainly not limited to) progressive rock, pop punk, and alternative rock, all cemented together by machine gun drum beats and heavy guitar riffs. During my most recent “interview” with Mr. Bridges himself, some keynote words of wisdom were shared concerning the dilemmas that musicians tend to confront when trying to classify themselves musically.

On trying to pinpoint a “sound” that classifies Trigger Man:

“In three new songs, I’ve experimented with jazz harmonies and sections that are more apt to improvising over. I think I kind of understand what the Trig ‘sound’ is, but it speaks for itself better than I can speak for it.”

On trying to be innovative without coming off as the typical “nonconformist” musician:
“I honestly feel like people don’t really try to latch onto a majority of the stuff we put into the material…not that we’re musically transcendent or anything. I think it’s more like a lapse in communication. People don’t listen to it for what it stands for on its own, they just listen to it to see how it stacks up compared to other shit in terms of ‘commercial viability’ or whatever. Almost every time somebody’s given me negative feedback about it, I’ve just thought, ‘Man, I don’t think you’re listening to the stuff I want you to listen to.’ But such is the dilemma between reader and writer. I think where people go wrong is they think I’m trying to write stamped-out-of-plastic music, and then I say that, and it comes across as me thinking I’m somehow ‘above’ people that do create music like that.”

Check out Trigger Man by clicking on the image below (artwork courtesy of band member Tommy P), where you can also download their EP, The Bono Conundrum, for free. Highlights include the fun and fast-paced “Emergency Song,” as well as the sexy (and all about sex, ironically) “Paralyzed.”

Let the music speak for itself. It may confuse you, it may intrigue you, it may not be your “cup of tea” at all. Whatever it instills upon your spirit, I’m sure you’ll at least be able to develop an overall greater appreciation for musicians who continue to push the envelop in a little land we like to call Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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