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Hazey Jazz Lounges and Cigarette Smoke

March 9, 2011

There may be few things I like more in this world than sitting alone in a dimly lit, red and smokey jazz clubs. And I don’t even smoke.

This past summer I stumbled into The Chatterbox one muggy early May night and rapidly fell in love. No where else in Indianapolis do I feel perfectly at home walking in, sitting at the bar and talking to absolutely no one. You can come in your first night ever and feel like you’ve been slinking in for years, tossing your hat on the bar as one of the girls brings you the usual. Anywhere else would leave awkward questions in the minds of those around you; why is she sitting alone at the bar? Must have been a bad day! Or even worse, and probably more common, a solo seat at the bar leaving you open season for guys with bad pick up lines and worse hair cuts.

Here you walk in and no one questions why you are alone. Odds are, no one even saw you.

No, really. They didn’t see you. They had their eyes closed.

Everyone that is there is there for a reason. No one really just “stops by” the Chatterbox on a whim to get a drink. You show up because you know that on any given night of the week, you can find some incredible music. Mondays showcase the always incredible Rob Dixon Quartet, who I personally can not get enough of. You can’t even pick a favorite. Rob clearly steals the show with his sax, but I’m personally in love with the bassist. (Shh, don’t tell him.) Something about standing bass just always gets me. Maybe is classic and romantic, maybe its deep sounds just reverberate through me, maybe he just rocks. Who knows. The solos are always incredible, including drum solos that leave me feeling tired, and I wasn’t playing. How four separate limbs can play completely in sync while doing four totally different things will never fail to blow my mind.

But part of The Chatterbox is the company, if you want it. Just start talking to someone, and you’ve found a music fiend and new friend. Personally, I struck up a conversation with Rob that let me to meet Nick, saxophonist for the Midwest Jazz/Funk group, The Twin Cats. ( a funny side note. When I originally wrote this, nick was kind enough to let me know I wrote “fuck” band. I definitely considered leaving it. I think it’s a compliment!) After visiting their website and listening to a few fun selections, I’m super excited to go see these guys live-pick your live venue pleasure: Friday April 1 at the Rathskeller, Friday April 8 at The Mousetrap and Friday April 15 at The Vogue. Personally, I’m pumped to make it to the Mousetrap show if at all possible-I recently caught the tail end of some experimental hippie rock in that dusty little corner of the world and can see where a super small, intimate and LOUD show with The Twin Cats will absolutely rock.

And I want to see them at The Vogue for the insanely cheap bottles of Delerium. Seriously. Don’t tell them, they are selling it way too cheap.

Anyway. I’ve decided that working nights is absolutely screwing with my personal life, because there is all this great music coming up and I’m having trouble getting there! But bottom line, any night of the week I’m not catching a show somewhere else, you can surely pop over to the Chatterbox and find me bar side, beer in hand and eyes closed.

Come say hi. Just wait til the song ends.

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